The James Benedict Philosophy

The James Benedict Philosophy of Professional Funeral Services with no hidden costs.


We believe that the fees for professional services should cover the cost of a professional service. 


Bringing your loved one into care - We will transport your loved one from any hospital in Wiltshire and neighbouring counties without extra charge. 


(Out of Hours) - No one can predict when someone is going to pass away. At James Benedict we are on hand 24 hours a day. Should you require our services through the night we will always assist you at no extra charge.


Arrangements - We believe an arrangement will take as long as it needs to. Whenever possible the same funeral director who you make the arrangements with will be with you throughout your journey and on the day of the funeral. Arrangements can be made at our office or in the comfort of your own home if it is more convenient at no additional cost. A full written estimate will be given at the time of the arrangement.


Hubs - Your loved one will be brought to our premises and cared for here. We do not transfer your loved one for 'processing' to premises known as a 'Hub' in another town or city, without your knowledge. They will leave from here on the day of the funeral.


Embalming  - This is often referred to as Hygenic Treatment. This is NOT done unless required. If this is advised to improve the quality of your chapel of rest visit it is included in the costs for caring for your loved one. If your loved one is cared for in a temperature controlled environment there is absolutely no reason that they have to be embalmed.


Coffins - All our coffins are supplied as pictured. Handles, nameplates, ornamentation and linings are all supplied within the price. We do not charge extra for these.


Chapel of Rest - Our Chapel of Rest is available to all our families by appointment at anytime including evenings and weekends at no additional cost.


Larger Coffins & Extra Bearers - Should a larger coffin or extra bearers be needed for any funeral. This will be provided at extra cost up to the sizes permissable by the Crematorium.


Pew Cards - It can be a comfort to know who attended the funeral of your loved one. James Benedict will put out pew cards for people to write their attendance on for you to keep at no extra cost.


Administering Donations - We will take care of handling the donations on your behalf at no extra charge.


Flowers - Flower cards can be collected and returned on request. After the committal the flowers can be donated to local care homes or hospices. We do not charge extra for this service.


Delivering Cremated Remains - When you are ready to receive your loved one you can either come to our office or we will bring them to you.


Collection and safe keeping of Cremated Remains - You may not be ready to have the cremated remains of your loved one back straight away. We will look after the ashes on your behalf until collection free of charge.


We charge for our professional services we do not add costs to the price you would pay directly to the supplier for Obituaries, Flowers, Order's of Service and Catering.


Many online companies are claiming to represent the funeral industry


For your protection as a consumer we believe that all Funeral Directors should be a member of a Professional Trade body. Either:


NAFD - National Association of Funeral Directors


SAIF - Society of Allied and Independent Funeral Directors


James Benedict Funeral Services are members of both.