Professional Services                                                                 £1250.00


We are available 24 hours a day to meet your needs by telephone, at your home or in our office, offering guidance and advice and to take instructions in respect of all the funeral arrangements. Liaising with you, making arrangements with, and payments to external parties on your behalf and to assist with the completiuon of all necessary paperwork.


Caring for your loved one                                                             £450.00


We will bring your loved one into our care from any home, Nursing Home or Hospital within Wiltshire or any of its neighbouring Counties. We will do all the required preparation work including washing, dressing, embalming if required and caring for your loved one until the day of the funeral.


Itemised Funeral Options


Provision of a Hearse and necessary Pallbearers                                £500.00

Horse Drawn Hearse (from)                                                           £1200.00

Provision of Limousines (each)                                                         £280.00

Floral Hearse                                                                                  £240.00

Removal & Replacement of memorial                                                   P.O.A

Carry into home/church prior to funeral time/date                             £450.00

Additional Weekend Charge                                                             £500.00

Attendance of Funeral Director for Burial of Ashes                              £120.00

Attendance of Funeral Director for Burial of Ashes (Weekend)             £160.00

Preparation of site for burial of Cremated Remains                             £120.00

Coffin or Casket as Chosen                                                                  P.O.A


Disbursements are Additional


Disbursements are payments made by us to external suppliers such as the Crematorium, Cemetery, Gravedigger, printers, florists and newspapers. The disbursement charges are clearly itemised serperatley on the quote given at the time of the arrangement.


Our Payment Policy


You can pay for the funeral in full at the time of the arrangement or at any time before the funeral. We do however require that the costs of the disbursements are paid in full at the time of the arrangement or no later than three days prior to the funeral. An invoice for the remaining balance will be sent approximately one week after the funeral.


The James Benedict Philosophy is about inclusive professional services and what we DON'T charge for.


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