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 We focus on meeting the individual needs of your family in an effort to help lighten the burden of the present and nurture a sincere hope for the future. We are the people who care.

 James Green


E-mail: james@jamesbenedict.co.uk


James is a trained counsellor and has many years of experience within Funeral care. James is always on hand to provide information on the wide range of services we provide and will always lend an ear to anybody, anytime, if you want to talk. James is also an experienced memorial consultant should you have any enquiries regarding a suitable permanent tribute to your loved one. 

Personal quote 'I consider my clients my friends and I come from the point of view that we are one family caring for another family in their time of need. If it is possible to do it, then we will make it happen'.

Ben Edward


E-mail : benedict@jamesbenedict.co.uk


Ben has been working alongside James for a couple of years prior to forming James Benedict and realising a personal ambition to offer simply the best. Ben prides himself on the personal care of all who come through our doors. Ben came into funeral care from the Royal Air Force after experiencing professional and personal loss.  Ben has a wide experience of repatriation services should your loved one need to be brought home or taken home from or to anywhere in the world.

Personal Quote 'I pride myself on perfection. I give all the clients that come through the doors of James Benedict my full respect. The way I see it is that if something doesnt look right then it isn't. My clients deserve and recieve only the best in all aspects of services we provide'.